Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the dates for the 'Christmas in July: Winter Wonderlights' event?

Saturday June 27 - Sunday July 19, 2020

2. What is the 'Christmas in July: Winter Wonderlights' event?

Be mesmerised by the colourful projections in Main Street, Watch flames erupt from the Sovereign Hill chimney. Wander through fairy-lit laneways. Dance in the (faux) snow. Let our European street market tempt you.

3. Who can come?

Sovereign Hill’s 'Christmas in July: Winter Wonderlights' event is a magical experience for everyone – from individuals to the immediate or extended family and international tour groups.

4. What are the 'Christmas in July: Winter Wonderlights' event opening hours?

Sovereign Hill is extending its opening hours to include 'Winter Wonderlights'. Sovereign Hill will be open from 10.00 am - 7.00 pm each day of the event.

5. What time do the 'Winter Wonderlights' start and finish?

'Winter Wonderlights' starts as soon as the sky is dark enough. We expect the 'Wonderlights' to run from approximately 5.45 pm each evening and finish at 7.00 pm.

6. What is the entry price for the 'Christmas in July: Winter Wonderlights' event?

Entry to the 'Christmas in July' event, and 'Winter Wonderlights', is included in the Sovereign Hill entry ticket.

Book now.

7. Does it cost extra to see the 'Winter Wonderlights'? OR I only want to visit the 'Wonderlights'. Is there a ticket just for that?

There is no separate ticket for the 'Winter Wonderlights' show. It is included in the Sovereign Hill entry ticket. (Remember that Sovereign Hill membership is great value-for-money. You would receive unlimited entry to Sovereign Hill, for a whole year, including 'Christmas in July: Winter Wonderlights'. For more information, click here. Plenty of free, on-site parking is available.

8. Sovereign Hill has a 2-days-for 1 offer Does that mean I can see the 'Winter Wonderlights' twice?


Take advantage of this great value offer* by having your ticket scanned as you enter Sovereign Hill:
• Entrance Ticket Box (Map 1)
• ‘Evening Experiences’ Bookings Desk (Map 1)

For more information, click here.

*Conditions apply. The free second day must be used over two consecutive days. Offer is not transferable. Photo ID required.

9. Will it be cold? What happens if it rains?

We recommend visitors dress for cooler temperatures. The average temperature in Ballarat during June/ July is 10 degrees celsius. We recommend you wrap yourself up in a scarf, beanie and mittens and enjoy the festive atmosphere! Sovereign Hill’s 'Christmas in July: Winter Wonderlights' event proceeds as usual, even if it rains – or snows!

10. Are pass-outs available?

Pass-outs are available if you wish to exit Sovereign Hill and return later that day to see the 'Wonderlights'. To re-enter Sovereign Hill, you must have received a pass-out before exiting. Pass-outs are  available from the Information Desk at the Victoria Theatre, the Post Office in Main Street or the main Entrance.

11. Do I need cash?

Sovereign Hill has multiple ATM locations on-site and EFTPOS in all retail outlets.

12. What is the sound-and-light show?

Sovereign Hill presents a sound-and-light show called ‘AURA’ Monday to Thursday and Saturday evenings.

Please note that the sound-and-light show, ‘AURA’, is different to the 'Winter Wonderlights' evening event (as described in FAQ 2.).

Show and dinner times for AURA have been scheduled so that visitors may enjoy the 'Winter Wonderlights' prior to seeing the show.

During Christmas in July : Winter Wonderlights, the sound-and-light show start times may vary slightly.

16. How long should I plan to spend at the 'Christmas in July: Winter Wonderlights event?

There’s a full day's program of activities including many theatre shows, ‘hands-on’ activities and 'faux' snowfalls as well as Sovereign Hill’s regular daily activities. We recommend visitors allow at least 4-5 hours during the day in addition to seeing the 'Winter Wonderlights' during the evening. There is unlimited free parking on-site.

17. Where is the free parking?

Unlimited free parking is located in the Sovereign Hill Entrance car park, at the Gold Museum (opposite Sovereign Hill) and in our Main Road car park. We also have flow-over car parking on nearby Larter street. Park your car and take a short walk to the Sovereign Hill Entrance.

18. Is 'Christmas in July: Winter Wonderlights' an accessible event?

Please visit the Sovereign Hill Accessibility web page here for detailed information on accessibility at Sovereign Hill.

19. Are there any measures in place for lost children?

Sovereign Hill offers wristbands at the ticket box. Parents and guardians of children write contact details on the band. In the event of separation, Sovereign Hill costumed staff will assist.

20. I want to stay overnight. Is there somewhere close by?

Sovereign Hill's own Hotel is conveniently located on-site. The hotel has a variety of offerings to suit your requirements. For bookings and enquiries, please call 03 5337 1199 or email Sovereign Hill Hotel has free, off-street parking for guests.

21. Sovereign Hill Hotel check-in is listed as 2.00 pm. Can I visit Sovereign Hill earlier?

Absolutely! If you have booked accommodation, you are more than welcome to arrive any time after 10.00 am to start exploring Sovereign Hill. Let the Sovereign Hotel Reception staff know you have arrived, and they will give you access to Sovereign Hill for the day. You can then return to check into your rooms later that afternoon.

After a full day of exploring, hotel guests are welcome to return to their rooms to relax before using their exclusive entrance to re-enter Sovereign Hill and see the 'Winter Wonderlights' and/or ‘AURA’.