30 June - 22 July

Little Red Robin Hood

Is it Little Red Riding Hood or Robin Hood? Well, the owners of the Victoria Theatre at Sovereign Hill can’t agree which story to tell. So, to the delight of audiences, they present both at the same time! This is classic, hilarious pantomime with a wonderful new twist.

11.00 am, 2.15 pm & 4.00 pm

Victoria Theatre

Map 26

We recommend arriving early to ensure a seat.

A Visit from St Nicholas

Come with us on a journey to hear a timeless story told through poetry and stunning Victorian shadow puppets. This tale of a visit by a 'jolly old elf' will delight young children – they may even learn the names of the reindeer. Hint: two of their names have changed slightly from the 1800s, but which ones?

1.30 pm

Victoria Theatre

Map 26

We recommend arriving early to ensure a seat.

St Nicholas & Old Horse

Christmas Mummers’ plays belong to a very old tradition in which travelling performers moved from village to village during Christmas performing plays which had a theme of birth and death. Enjoy a typical nonsense play – it’s guaranteed to be very silly and lots of fun!

12.00 noon

Victoria Theatre

Map 26

We recommend arriving early to ensure a seat.

A Christmas Carol

You are invited to a reading of Charles Dickens’ ever-popular story, ‘A Christmas Carol’. This lively reading will enthral, warming the whole family with the Christmas spirit.

5.00 pm

Victoria Theatre

Map 26

We recommend arriving early to ensure a seat.

The Emperor's New Clothes

Two swindlers trick an emperor and his entire kingdom (almost) into believing they can weave a magical cloth that only the clever and worthy can see. Come see and hear Hans Christian Anderson’s delightful, timeless story of the dangers of pride and vanity.

12.45 pm & 3.15 pm

Victoria Theatre

Map 26

We recommend arriving early to ensure a seat.

Meet our Goldfields Animals

Our small animal handlers will take you to meet some of our favourite goldfields creatures.

12.30 pm

Meet at the Pig Pen, One Eye Gully, Map 4 

Redcoat Soldiers 

See the Redcoats march, drill and fire their muskets!

1.00 pm & 3.45 pm

Main Street

Map 25


Marvel as Sovereign Hill turns into a snowy winter wonderland. The famous St Nicholas might even be there!

11.45 am, 1.15 pm, 3.30 pm & 5.45 pm

Main Street

* Please note that we use make-believe snow. Times for snowfalls are forecasts only and may change depending on weather conditions.


Brass Band

Hear classic Christmas Carols played by a good old-fashioned brass ensemble.

4.00 pm

Main Street




Master of Magic

Be mystified by ‘The Amazing Barry’ as his dazzling magic transports you into the spectacular realm of the unknown.

2.00 pm to 5.00 pm    

Craft Activities

We’ll provide the kit and you can make something special to take home – perhaps a Gingerbread Man or a miner’s cottage!

11.00 am to 6.30 pm 

Winter Wonderlights

TIME: Approximately 5.45 pm to 7.00 pm

LOCATION: Main Street

Main Street will be transformed by sparkling grand-scale Christmas images dancing along its familiar façades. ‘Winter Wonderlights’ begins as soon as the sky is dark enough. Times therefore vary slightly each evening depending on light conditions.

  • Winter Wonderlights will launch from the massive mine chimney near the top of the Main Street Hill. Buildings marked on the Visitor Map will be lit.
  • Pre-booking is not necessary for Victoria Theatre performances, but we recommend arriving early to ensure a seat.


Map 47

I Wonder …

Discover first-hand some of the Museum’s collection items not usually on display. Visit the touch trolley volunteers to guess what our Christmas and winter-themed artefacts are.

2.00 pm to 4.00 pm daily


Postcards Home

Inspired by the Princess Mary Christmas Box, write your own Christmas postcard home (or to St Nicholas). Stamps and a post box are available in the Gift Shop.

All Day


A Victorian Silhouette

How does Sovereign Hill achieve the 1850s style? 'A Victorian Silhouette' gives a glimpse of the Sovereign Hill Costume Department’s creative process. Step inside their workroom and discover how Sovereign Hill’s characters come to life. View the Gold Museum’s stunning collection of 19th century women’s clothing and experience the crinolines, bustles and corsets of the Victorian era!